C02 Shortage

February 2022 – UPDATE

As announced back on the 4th October 2021, we have had to introduce certain limitations as we did in 2018, to ensure we are able to maintain service throughout the C02 shortage 2021/2022

We also have to be mindful that all aspects of deliveries, components and compression testing is taking considerably longer than pre Covid, with the UK and global back log of production, delivery and ever increasing costs.

Further to the government support within the sector, that ended on Tuesday 12th October 2021, we have seen extraordinary price increases and fluctuations within the industry. In order to maintain supply within the UK & I, bulk gas suppliers had to implement a surcharge which was originally guided to be in place until the earliest of 1st February 2022.

As we have seen such varied fluctuation (January 2022) with natural gas prices, these updates and price amendments  where having a weekly impact within the industry. Email communications have now been sent more frequently to all customers Рplease keep a look out within your emails for updates.



The surcharges are based upon the Natural gas price, and calculated and dictated by the main Manufacturers of Co2 within the UK.

We have been advised that the surcharge will be under constant review, and the surcharge will vary according to the National Balancing Point virtual trading point in the United Kingdom (NBP) Until the NBP is sustained, a level of surcharge will be required.