Cellar Safety

Safe Storage & Risk Assessment

We understand the importance of Cellar Safety and Risk Assessments – Therefore we provide all our customers with guidance to accompany your own assessments;

  • Safe keeping of cylinders,
  • Storage and safe handling,
  • Do’s and dont’s
  • Data safety sheets.
  • Guidance for risk assessments

Please click the following links, to email request copies of our

BGE: A Guide to Risk Assessment in the Licensing Trade”

BGE : A Guide to Do’s & Donts’

BGE : Blank Risk Assessment forms

Cylinder Identity and re-ordering

For the ease of reordering, All our Cylinders contain the following

  • Are colour coded ( see the shoulder & collar)
  • Have  colour coded dust caps
  • Have content stickers within the valve guards
  • Have our Name and FREEPHONE number on

Please click the following link, to email request a copy of our :BGE : Cylinder Identity Card