Beer Gas Express supply a variety of Cylinder sizes, which are listed below. Please note those marked with an (*) are not to be stored within a below ground cellar due to ventilation and confined space regulations.

The Cylinders loaned come in different sizes – with varying widths and heights, for each of the standard sizes stated below – therefore when ordering, or discussing your requirements please speak to a member of the team & do not rely on cylinders being the same dimensions ( although they hold the same amount of gas)

Carbon Dioxide / CO2  :Identified by a White Shoulder, identity sticker within the valve guard, and a YELLOW dust cap


Mixed Gases 

70/30 – Mixed  : Identified by a Green Shoulder, Green Collar, identity 70/30% sticker within the valve guard,  7030% sticker on the shoulder and a GREEN dust cap.

M7CYLINDERS REGULAR10 litre MEDIUM*30litre LARGE*50litre

60/40  – Mixed  Identified by a Green Shoulder, with a white band beneath, identity 60/40% sticker within the valve guard,  60/40% sticker on the shoulder and a WHITE dust cap.

M6CYLINDERS. REGULAR10 litre MEDIUM*30litre LARGE*50litre

50/50 – Mixed  (Bottle with a Green Shoulder and Purple Collar)


*Cylinders larger than 10 litre / 6.35kg must NOT be taken into below ground cellars, as per the confined space regulations 1997, please refer to your Health & Safety advise booklet issued by Beer Gas Express. Please note, we are not liable for your cellar safety and the booklet provided is to act as a guide only.

Your responsibilities include the safe keeping of the cylinders and protection against the elements, theft, vandalism or improper use. You are responsible for the return of the cylinders and making clear arrangements for the collection of the cylinders at the end of the period of the loan

Cylinders must at all times be

  • Stored in an upright position
  • chained or securely fastened both when in use and when not
  • Rotated in order of deliveries, not stored for ‘just incase’ – see page on gas separation
  • Not written on or vandalized
  • Attached to the correct lines
  • Switched off at the valve when NOT in use
  • Returned if your holding stock is over and above what is needed
  • Returned when no longer used

All Cylinders loaned are the sole property of Beer Gas Express and are clearly marked on both the bottle and the plastic valve guard / handle. The loaned cylinders must at all times remain on or at their respective premises in accordance with your contract.  Any lost or missing cylinders will be charged at a full replacement cost.